The Superb – Brand New Formula, Same Great Flavor!

ribbon cutting


You might have noticed some differences ’round these parts. A new look, “a brand new style ya’ll” if you will. Well, you aren’t having a stroke this time! There ARE changes! The Superb is making some adjustments to provide more of a constant stream of content. Get ready, cause this download is gonna blow your RJ45 right off that 70′ ethernet cable you’ve ran from the jack downstairs up to your room in your parents house because dad doesn’t want the wifi to give him more brain tumors. Yeesh.

  • Shorter articles, more content! – As you may have ascertained, we have lives outside of The Superb. Sure, we all wish we could laze about in the blogosphere, twittering and Instagramping our way into internet infinity, but WE SIMPLY CAN’T. We must collect bread for our respective families and chase away the pidgemums and noseeums. Therefore, after a lengthy discussion at a franchise, non-corporate Arby’s (where they refuse to carry Jamocha shakes and have a sandwich called “Beef’Tits Deluxe”), the decision was made to shorten the length of our articles to ensure a more regular output. Hopefully, this will enable us to produce content several times thoughout the week, possibly daily (not promising anything there, Dylan, so you can just hold that door all day, you putz).
  • Reviews! – Here at Superb, we consume a stupid amount of content, and we have opinions on all of it. It may not be a complete thought, or it might slowly digress into a review about Arby’s new “Pork’n’Chud” fried meat bits, but doggnnit, we’re gonna talk about it! And you’ll enjoy that!
  • More video content! – Our YouTube page has all of one video, and as much as we all know here you love watching that People World video over and over again until you run your internets too hot and need to take a breather, we’ll be adding some new content. Whether it be from the world of Martin, or some other thing that we haven’t really thought all the way through yet, you can bet it’s gonna something you can watch for a few seconds.
  • More attention given to Gorg! – Let’s be honest here: we have not been giving enough attention to our cruel and great ruler and champion of the void, Gorg, as we should have. One of his pandimensional representatives, Har’Muuth the Great, expressed this to me in a fever dream one evening. After enduring a hellish entry into his realm which, in no conceivable way, can sustain human life, he expressed his disappointment in our reluctance to unleash “The Full Gorg”. After forcing his flaming eagle head down my throat, and exploding me back into my realm through a sewage pipe, I really took his words to heart. So, rest assured that the holder of the Dark Prism and father of a thousand iterations of Left Shark as a serial killer, will be given the focus he/it/Busey truly deserves.
  • More Flavor Taste! – Flavor Taste is fun, and it’s technically content!

Well, we’re really looking forward to the next year of content, as I’m sure we’ll return to the some of the same tropes as he already have in the last year, because that makes writing easier.

-The Superb