Solid Man: Chapter 2

Having depleted all of my pistol’s bullets into the mysterious sandstorm, I was shocked to see my pursuers still standing and approaching my location. “Bad dudes.” I muttered through my scarf. It was at this point that I really wished I had brought my ChapStick along because my lip flesh was currently hung on my […]

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Solid Man: Chapter 1

Afghanistan. 22:00 o’ clock. The night was black, like the coffee in my Coleman thermos. The desert wind stung my face like so much bleach poured in my eyes. I kept my bandana, which was a lady’s scarf that I purchased at Hudson News in the airport, across my mouth and nose, like I saw in a […]

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Heavy Breathing Radio

The slider went up, and the sound presented itself front and center. “OH, SCARBO! You’re on with Papa Spanks!”, Charles screamed into the mic. He never distanced himself from his mic, but leaned in and tried his level best to shatter the diaphragm. Let them sort out the distortion in post. “Umm…this is Jerry from […]

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