Stanley Tunic: A Zelda/Stanley Tucci (Mostly Zelda) Blog – Preview

Along with humor, another interest we have here at The Superb is video games, and one of them in particular is the Legend of Zelda series. We wanted a chance to deep dive in the series and investigate what it is we find interesting about the series as a whole. Also, we throw some Stanley Tucci in there, cuz who can’t do with a little bit of the Tooch.

The first article was written by yours truly, the following by my constituent, Austen. Please follow our Tumblr if you’re a fan, or like and follow our blog here and leave a comment.



Flavor Taste: Super Mario 3D World – Fort Fire Bros.

This week’s Flavor Taste is Fort Fire Bros. from Super Mario 3D World for Wii U. In a game full of great music, this track specifically stood out to me for its 16-bit bass riff and drums in the opening, creating a sense of danger and fun, and an immediate throwback to Mario games of old. After that, we’re treated to some synth strings that develop the melody a little further. But here’s where it surprises me. After this point, acoustic instruments are introduced and take it to a different level entirely. Once the flute kicks in, it throws me back to the Mediterranean sounds of the fire level from Mario 64, especially when what sounds like a strummed sitar appears, followed shortly thereafter by a real string section, bringing some warmth, mystery and humainty to the almost oppressive bass-and-drum line that hammers throughout.