George Clooney Plays Nintendo Switch

It was still dark when Amal Clooney woke up in an empty bed.

“George?” She called, but she received no response. Rousing herself, and girding herself in a robe most luxuriant, she went seeking. She poked her head in the bathroom, but no George. She next went to his office, but still he wasn’t to be found. She went downstairs, and started through the kitchen.

“George, where are you? The twins and I got lonle –” She paused. She had found him in their living area standing next to their entertainment center. He was lifting their new Nintendo Switch out of it’s dock, and setting back in repeatedly. The click of the dock receiving the tablet was the only sound to be heard.



“George?” she offered in an inquiring tone.

“Amal!” His voice was hushed. “Come close” He held out his hand, and kneeled as she drew near.

“Do you hear that babies?” He said quietly addressing her stomach. “That’s the sound of the biggest videogame company in the world learning a lesson from Daddys most favoritest game ever!”



As Amal brushed her hand through her husbands hair, she contemplated that of all the moments Tetris had given them, this was the most beautiful. They stood there, neither one speaking, listening to the sounds of their childrens future.





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