The MonArchs: Matthew McConaughey’s hidden talent


You know him from the Lincoln commercials, but even Matthew McConaughey’s most avid fans are mostly unaware of his interest in architecture. While most of Matt’s time these days is taken up by his film career and associated activities, he actually has a real knack for design which is made apparent by the active role he took in the composition of his $12,000,000 mansion located just outside Austin TX. This week, we go for a tour…

Front/Aerial view:


Talk about a great first impression. Just imagine pulling up to this beauty every day after work. The enclosed exterior walkways really speak to Matt’s appreciation for Romanesque architecture.

View from rear yard:


Here’s another shot from around back. I’m actually a huge fan of the turrets, and the landscaping accentuates them quite nicely. Nicely done Matt!

Let’s take a peak inside, shall we?

Living room:fire_interior

Wow. Now that’s a living room. It must have taken the trim carpenters ages to craft all of the door casings and wall trim to Matt’s exact specifications. It really makes for a breathtaking effect. And just look at that chandelier!



Now that’s an awesome kitchen. The cherry cabinets and granite tops have a very traditional and inviting look to them. It’s also well equipped with an over-sized range and dual wall ovens. Very impressive!

While we can’t all enjoy luxury at this level, Matt’s estate is a real inspiration for design enthusiasts at all levels and I hope that he continues to explore this hidden talent. You can really learn a lot about a person by taking a look inside their home! I hope you enjoyed the tour as much as I did.



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