Villagers: Dr. Montgomery Ward

Dr. Montgomery Ward


“I can’t find my cellphone” – Ward

Profile: Pale Southern North American

Height: 6′ 2″

Body Type: Anthropomorphic Elongated Pembrooke Corgi

Memorable Quotes: “I know my phone charger was over here”///”I thought I left it in the car.”///”Can you check for me? I don’t know where my shoes are.”

Profession: Pediatric heart surgeon

Leg strength: <<<4th phase>>>

Story: By the time Ward finished his final heart surgery on a tiny human, he was already past his prime. He was always forgetting his cellphone inside of his patients, and leaving mid surgery to play Golden Tee at the truck stop next to the interstate for hours. It was time to retire.

His retirement party was held at The Village’s country club, White Person Hills Golf Club, with all of his friends and family. But Ward looked distant, sitting at one of the tables and staring out the window, removed from the proceedings. His family dismissed it as he was prone to be absent-minded throughout his life, but they may have felt different if they had known what he had experienced a hour before in the bathroom.

As Ward was washing his phone in the sink, he glanced in the mirror to find a visitor.

“Ward, I have come to you this point in your timestream to offer a gift.”, said the ethereal floating baby in front of him, it’s chest cut vertically down the sternum. “You’re use in this reality has reached the limit, but there are matters in other worlds that require your presence. Are you ready to transcend?”

“Can you help me find my phone?” Ward said, holding his water-logged Samsung Galaxy, a phone he had received in the mail just yesterday. “I swear I put it right here, but the darn thing…I just…can’t…”. Tears welled up in his eyes as he pulled at his white hair. The fetus floated there without empathy.

“You are lost and none of these mortal crickets surrounding you can help you to find yourself again. If you choose to move beyond this plane, come to the Golden Tee. I will be there to help you through.” The fetus dissolved into thin air with a crackling flash.

Ward stood, breathing the otherworldly smoke that his visitor left in his wake. It smelled like the fireworks he and his brother’s would set off as kids into the hot North Carolina air. Once he returned to the party, Ward collected his thoughts and attained a clarity he had not attained in 10 years. He looked at all of his friends and family, living their lives, seemingly unaware of the person they had come to celebrate. They had already moved on. So would he.

When he got home, he went upstairs and packed his bag. His wife asked him where he was going. He responded with a kiss and a hug, and a soft “Thank you”. He went out the front door and into the crisp Autumn air, walking to the Pilot station. He wanted his wife to keep his Benz, he knew she preferred it.

When his grandson arrived at the Pilot station to satisfy his grandmother’s worries, his grandfather was was nowhere to be seen. Only his phone remained, resting against the worn trackball.



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