Microsoft Surface Studio – Can You Use It As A Tablet? WE GO HANDS-ON


Microsoft just unveiled their new Microsoft Surface Studio at their event in New York today, and boy howdy, are we excited! Being a proud Surface 3 owner, I’m very interested in the Surface brand. However, one question plagued me through the event and was not addressed at any point in the event: can I use it as a tablet? I went hands-on to give you the details.

During the hands-on event, I was able to play around with the Surface in it’s default desk configuration. The pen and small puck were both very responsive and gave me the control I’ve become accustomed to having with the regular Surface. But then came the moment of truth…I tried to transform it into tablet mode.

Needless to say, it wasn’t easy. The Surface Studio rigid and seemingly permanent base doesn’t fold away underneath as easily as the incredibly easy-to-use backstand on the regular Surface. However, with a little bit of prying and snapping, I was able to to convert it.

I will say at this point, the Microsoft people were yelling quite loudly at me and security was en route, but I had more work to do. I needed to test it’s portability. As I carried it around the show floor, I did receive several stares. That’s right, everyone wanted to get their hand on the new tech. With that in mind, I will say that because of Microsoft’s horrific oversight in not providing a backstand, the sharp pieces of metal do have a tendency to rip up the flesh on your forearms. Also, the need to use the belts of the unconscious guards around you to holster it from your neck is rather inconvenient. Perhaps Microsoft will provide some sort of belt device with the Studio upon purchase.

Unfortunately, I had only wedged the Surface Studio halfway into the bathroom stall before I was pinned to the floor by the authorities, so I was not able to give the Surface my complete test run. But, overall, my experience was a favorable one.

7/10 – MUST BUY.

-The Superb


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