State of The Superb/Stanley Tunic Preview


As you may have noticed, our activity here at The Superb has increased a little bit lately. Here’s a little update on what’s happening:

Daily Content

We’re trying to at least get one article out the door a day AT LEAST. Hoping to have a few more than that, which will be easier with…

More Contributors

We’ve got a few new authors who we’re trying to bring on board to produce a more content more frequently. A WIN-WIN. This will in turn give our readers…

A Wider Variety of Content

The Superb has always been, first and foremost, a humor blog. We love to laugh and make each other laugh. But, we also have other interests….well, pretty much video games and sci-fi. You may have already seen some very well-written articles from Austen about Kentucky Route Zero and his short story Quantum Fitness, both of which I strongly urge you to check out. Because of these fine contributions, we’re going to be opening up The Superb for more forms of creative content. More short stories, maybe some web-comics, whatever we’re feeling.

Recurring Series

We’ve done some follow-ups to some articles such as Villagers and Vacation Dad. We like the idea of having an established format to deliver humor and, to some degree, story. We’re looking to develop a few more of these as we go along. Let us know which ones you like…though we’re going to do Villagers whether you like it or not. It’s just too fun.

Changes to Flavor Taste

While it’s super easy just to post a YouTube video with a song we like, we’re also going to give some commentary on why we like it and what exactly it is we like. While I’m at it, I’d like to plug an amazing video game music podcast VGMpire done by Brett Elston over at the Laser Time Podcast Network. It’s very italian kissy face.

Tumblr, Vine and Instagram

We already have a Tumblr set up with most of our content posted, although our home and preferred reading environment is still here on WordPress. We’re also getting an Instagram and Vine set up for video and photo content. We’ll keep you posted when these things happen.

Stanley Tunic

Austen and myself, the two creators and primary contributors to the Superb have also created another blog on Tumblr called Stanley Tunic, a Zelda/Stanley Tucci fan blog where we gush about two of favorite things, the Zelda franchise and the talented work of Mr. Tucci. Since we are just now starting to build an audience here at The Superb, and we have zero audience over there, we decided to share some of the content over here, hopefully to drum up some interest in the site and the topic. I’ll be posting some of the content over here today, which contains another fascinating article from Austen. What a guy!

Well, that just about does it. We really like writing for this blog and we’d like to see how much we can do with it. We’ve been writing for almost 2 years with zero audience, so clearly we love doing this as just a creative outlet. Having people read and enjoy it is icing on the cake. Till we talk directly again…PLEASE TO ENJOY.

-The Superb



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