THE SUPERB EXCLUSIVE: Nic Pizzolatto On Why No One Likes The Second Season Of True Detective


Last year, audiences across the nation were captivated with Nic Pizzolatto’s tale of nihilism, murder, and the worship of a entity named The Yellow King in the swampy altar of Louisiana. The HBO drama was a critical and commerical success, building fervent anticipation for the follow-up and a crushing amount of expectation on the shoulders of Pizzolatto. Stakes were raised even higher as it was announced that the show would pursue an anthology format, rotating out the cast and cutting all ties to the previous characters and mythology, which had built quite a fanbase.

Unfortunately, the reaction to the new season of True Detective, starring Colin Farrell (Not Interstellar), Vince Vaughn (Not Cheers) and Rachael McAdams (The Notebook) has been mixed, if not outright negative. In reponse to this damning reaction to his creation, we reached out to Pizzolatto to provide a defense for his creation. He responded in an exclusive The Superb interview:

The Superb: Thank you for agreeing to do this interview, Nic.

Nic Pizzolatto: Glad to be here.

TS: So…initial reactions to the new season of True Detective…not so hot.

NP: (laughs)

TS: So, why do you think that is? Are you disappointed in the reaction?

NP: No, not in the slightest. In fact, if anything, all I’ve heard is GOOD feedback in regards to what we’ve brought to the table. When people think of True Detective, what do they think of? All of their favorite characters like Rust, Marty, Spaghetti Man, and the unique styles associated with those characters, but found in new and exciting scenarios, with entirely new characters. So, when preparing the next season of the True Detective, we took that into consideration and said “What is it that people want right now?”. What we came up with was Collin Farrell investigating roads.

TS: So, you do admit that this is very jarring and not quite what audiences were expecting?

NP: You know, every day we get requests from fans saying “Nic, I LOVE Rust and Marty. These characters are speaking to me in a very personal way, and the exploration of Rust’s pessimistic paradigm feels very new to broadcast television. PLEASE revisit these characters. I BEG of you.” And we love that fans are that passionate. So, in response, we got together and said “How are we going to satisfy our fans curiousity, but also, surprise them?”. What we came up with is True Detective Season 2, where Vince Vaughn drinks 42 gallons of bourbon in a generic bar 2,000 miles away from the vivid and terrifying Carcosa.

TS: Did you ever consider continuing the story of Rust and Marty, or did you always plan to sever all ties to the first season?

NP: Our developer’s are great, and are always coming up with ideas, and sometimes….(laughs) sometimes these ideas are beyond what current technology can handle. We did develop a follow-up to Rust and Marty’s original story, involving a more in-depth and terrifying look at who The Yellow King actually is, and what was the true significance of the wormhole Rust saw in Carcosa, but unfortunately, our processors couldn’t handle rendering Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson slightly older in Louisiana. But then, we thought “No, even if we could, that’s too easy. What we should do is completely ignore the passion for these characters in this setting and follow it up with aerial shots of interstates.” And I think we delivered.

TS: Can you tell us if there are any plans to cross these characters and their story into the first season? No doubt, that would please a lot of the fans and promote some goodwill.

NP: It’s great how passionate our fans are about our franchise, and we see a lot of excitement when they talk about the further development of a significant and gripping aspect of the first season’s storyline. We love that passion and we want to build off of that. So, I’m happy to announce that starting in episode 4, Frank and Ray will wear Rust and Marty’s clothes from the first season. We hope this will keep that fan excitement at a fever pitch!

TS: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Nic.

NP: (coughs) Thank you for having me.

-The Superb


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