Man Completely Cures His Herpes Through The Miracle of Scientology

We all know that Scientology is getting a bad rap in the press these days. We all know that. The incumbent exposé “Going Clear: Scientology and The Prison of Belief” may have uncovered some startling truths; not all was well in paradise, unlike any other religious organization that I can think of. It seems that some things within the foundations of this body of thought were, let’s say… hastily constructed. And perhaps, some of the people involved in it’s inception were, let’s say… unsound mentally. However, I seem to recall another crazy guy who liked to travel across the seas that said: “Wisdom is proved righteous by it’s fruits.” And some fruit might be cleaner that what you think.

Let me introduce Mark Levvy, a train engineer of 40 years in age who has traveled far and wide across this incredible country of states. He is man of cool confidence and many dogs. “Seventeen and counting,” he reports to me over a scone at the Panera Bread on Ford Ave and Hereld Blvd. “They just keep coming” he laughs, “They’re like potato chips, they get all over the place.” In fact, most of our interview was spent by Mark, relating tales of rescuing and releasing intrepid dogs back into the wild.

“My kids don’t always have to be around them,” he says, “because I’m twelve years divorced and they don’t come over very much.” Mark holds a happy demeanor, even when confronted by overwhelming obstacles and decisions. Three years ago he had an abrupt change in his employment. “I’ve been conducting commercial trains almost all of my life, as a part of the family business. But recently I decided to take a look at the books and it wasn’t good.” Mark realized that his small, family-owned freight business was in trouble, financial trouble. Eventually, he left the business.

“I was out on my own for a while. No income. No other experience. No education aside from a Bachelor’s Degree in English. I didn’t know what to do.” Although he eventually found work at, that period didn’t leave him without some wounds. “And that’s how I got full-blown herpes.” he says, wolfing down his scone, “That was scary.”

When reality set it, he began to look for help. “Although I was embarrassed, I decided to post on a lot of different forums and often on Reddit. But I couldn’t make sense of the different advise I was getting.” Some would tell him Walgreens, others CVS, and still others told him to see a doctor. But, he eventually found something that made sense.

“I went to my first auditing session and it was extraordinary. I regained clarity and focus for the first time since I started saving dogs.” he says, “I even learned that I was a reggae dude in a past life!” Upon returning several times, he built a close relationship with his Auditor, a level 12 Thetan by the name of Terrance Leopold. “He was a great listener. I mean, he was able to hone in on my affectations like that.”

After only sixteen sessions, Mark reports that he felt a change. “I could pee again.” he grins. Apparently, he held in his urine for record time period. “Five weeks.” he said, “I was barely hanging in there health-wise.” Mark perhaps came very close to losing his life, only to be saved through the powers of Scientology.

I asked him if he believed in Scientology now. He smiled, “Hail Xenu!” and chuckled while doing that Star Trek thing with your hands.

So, I guess it all goes to show you that you can’t believe everything you see in the media.

(Next week: “Can Gluten Give You ESP?”)