Jonny Lang Opens Up About The “Lie To Me” Music Video

Hey, this is Jonny Lang. You may have seen me at one point in the late 90’s as you flipped past VH1 at around 1:30 in the afternoon, waiting to get a ride to your job at Frisch’s. And that video was probably my number one hit, Lie to Me, off of my breakout debut album, Lie to Me. Well, I’m sure you have a lot of questions about that video, as it no doubt became your favorite video of all time. I’m sure you even taped over your collection of Donkey Kong Country episodes in a hurried panic to get my face imprinted on something you own. Now’s the chance for me to give you a taste (not the whole enchilada. That’s just not the Jonny Lang way) of what it was like to live the moment that was Lie to Me fever. I will present a few choice moments from the video with some commentary on what I was experiencing at the time.


Oh yeah. This is when I got the first taste of the fever. As you may not know, this video was not shot in one take. Video production takes hours of hard work, dedication, and lip balm. I made this face 72 times in the course of 2 afternoons. My bottom lip has a permanent bite mark in it to this day from this, but I look it it as a badge of honor for having made it to the fever. By this point, the mildly attractive girls with the Jennifer Anniston haircuts who are all singing my song to each other like its the first song they ever heard sounds had all left to shoot an Herbal Essences commercial, so there was no one to impress or attract but myself. I just kept biting that lip, chasing that neon rainbow, living that honky tonk dream.


There’s a point in the song where I start to pretend I’m a hysterical young mother. It may come out a bit in my voice, but it definitely is going through my head. I pretend that I’m at the grocery store and I have to make sure I get some S’more Pop-Tarts, when all of a sudden, I remember: I have left my child in a hot parked car. I throw my cart into a display of Rotel canned green chilies, and sprint outside, as fast as my plain, ordinary, humble, broken house wife brown flats will carry me. Right as I pass the toy machine with small plastic Hispanic gang members inside, I remember that I, Jonny Lang, am the momma AND the hot baby inside the car. Then, I become a hot momma ON the car and begin to gyrate on the windshield of a black 97 Hyundai Sonata. At this point, my lower back becomes covered in sweat and I get very dehydrated. I need this to finish the song.


This is where I push it through. I pretend I am every animal at once and defecate all over myself. I need the girls there for this one, because the overwhelming shame of the disgust present on their faces because of things that are happening to my body is absolutely necessary for the process to continue. There are some tricky finger positions in the end of this song that need to be visible on my face, but nothing’s too tricky for Ol’ Jonny Lang. We lost a few girls during this one. In some shots, one of the girls is a guy with a wig, simply because it was too overwhelming for her to experiencing Jonny letting it all out like this. But this is what fever is all about. I save my passion for the music videos. I let out my faces, I take a big dump in my pants in front of some girls, and I bite my lip until my teeth touch. If that’s not being a rock star, I don’t know what is. Praise God ya’ll.

– Jonny Lang


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