Return of the Bat

We are more than 18 years away from Mark Morrison’s “Return of the Mack” and nearly 2 decades from Joel Schumacher’s “Batman Forever”, yet it feels like just yesterday when we were all riding with our Mom to Steinmart to get some new khakis, nodding our heads along with Mark’s fat beat while drinking from our collectable glass Batman Forever mugs from McDonald’s. And, even though Batman Forever’s editors Mark Stevens and Dennis Virkler edited the movie more than a year before the Mack hit the world’s collective ear drum, they must have been in tune with some shift in the collective consciousness of American culture at the time, as the sweet synth drum kit of early-to-mid ninety’s R&B stars reverberated forwards and backwards in time. As a result of this, Batman Forever gifs have an amazing way of syncing up with Return of the Mack almost perfectly. Please play the video below and let jittery images of low-def Valerie Kilmer and James Carrey’s blockbuster wash over you.


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