Welcome to The Superb

Dear Readers (and my daughter’s boyfriend),

Firstly, we’d like to welcome you to the East Coast’s No.1 source for information and valid opinions, and ask that you please not screech into my driveway like an idiot.

Secondly, we would like to express to you how pleased we are that, in this sea of information, you found our small floating buoy of straight-talking and good old-fashioned logic and ask that you please don’t call me Ron, I don’t know you that well and frankly, I don’t plan to.

Our mission statement is plain and simple: to inform. Whether that be an event or something that has been on the minds of one of our writers that he feels passionate enough to share, and if she comes back with one item askew on her person, so help me God I will put you through an experience, you understand me?

We also hope to learn from you as well. One cannot report without affecting others, and we’d like to know what that affect is-Beth! Get down here! We need to talk.

But it’s not just written pieces we’ll be producing, but we hope to also incorporate illustrations, comics, and video pieces from time to time and are we seriously letting her out with that skirt on? I feel like I’m the only one who cares about my daughter’s innocence here.

So, get yourself a cup, kick back and read…The Superb. I guess I’ll just get on back to my SeaQuest models, since my opinion means nothing around here. No, Beth….you’ve said enough.

-The Editors


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